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USA Drink Menu

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West L.A. Drink Menu

All of our drinks are made with real fresh fruit and served in a mason jar.
Bring the mason jar to one of our stores and receive 10% off!


Iced Teas

Strawberry Green Tea
muddled strawberries

Mixed Berry Green Tea
muddled blueberries, raspberries,
and strawberries

Kiwi & Strawberry Green Tea

muddled kiwis with strawberries

Pineapple Mango Green Tea
pineapples with mango bits

Honey & Lavender Tea
(iced or hot)
lavender tea sweetened with honey

Mango & Strawberry Green Tea
strawberries with mango bits

Lychee Green Tea
lychee bits

Peach Black Tea
peaches with black tea

Pineapple & Mandarin Black Tea
pineapples & mandarins
with black tea

Watermelon Green Tea
watermelon bits with green tea


Cold Brew Coffee
iced house special coffee
12 hour brew

Lavender Coffee
lavender tea with cold brew coffee

Milk Teas

Original Milk Tea
black tea, brown sugar, non-dairy creamer

Strawberry Milk Tea
strawberries blended with
original milk tea

Almond Milk Tea
almond bits with original milk tea

Thai Iced Tea
thai tea with half n' half

Banana Milk Tea
banana bits with original milk tea

Coconut Milk Tea
shredded coconut with
original milk tea

Horchata Milk Tea
half n' half with green tea
and cinnamon

Honey Milk Tea
honey with original milk tea

Coffee Milk Tea
milk tea with cold brew coffee
and half n' half

Lemonade Teas

Lemon Cucumber Mint
lemon juice, cucumber bits,
mint leaves

Lemon, Honey & Mint
lemon juice, honey, 
mint leaves

strawberry bits with lemon juice

mango bits with lemon juice

kiwi bits with lemon juice

lavender tea and green tea, sweetened
with honey and lemon juice

blueberries with lemon juice


Blueberry & Avocado
blueberries, avocado halve

Strawberry & Banana
strawberries, banana halve, milk,
vanilla extract

strawberries, banana halve, milk,
vanilla extract, granola

Coconut Strawberry
shredded coconut, strawberries,
non-dairy creamer

Mixed Berry
blueberries, blackberries,
and strawberries

watermelon chunks

Blueberry & Banana
blueberries, banana halve

Piña Colada
pineapple, shredded coconut,
coconut milk

milk, non-dairy creamer, cinnamon

Additional Toppings


Aloe Vera

Lychee Jelly



If allergic to any of the ingredients, ask one of our servers to provide
other recommendations to substitute.